How to become a member festival

The following rate* apply to festivals using Shortfilmdepot:

1-year subscription Conditions

350 €

- My festival accepts previously uploaded videos by applying filmmakers for preview.
- Preview videos are accessible to my festival for download.
- Preview videos are accessible to my festival for online viewing.
- My festival can also accept DVDs shipped by filmmakers for preview.
- My festival receives submission data of all films in its Shortfilmdepot account.

I've read the Code of Ethics recommended by the International Short Film Conference and my festival does not charge entry fees for short films.

Contact Laurent for announcing your next call for entry on Shortfilmdepot and start receiving online submissions (entry forms and preview videos) from filmmakers.

Shortfilmdepot was created in 2004 and is managed by a European-based not-for-profit organization with a 35-year history of promoting short film culture. The site enjoys an excellent reputation in terms of reliability and ethics. We'll be happy to work with you and your festival.

* These rate entered in application starting 01/01/2017 and is shown tax excluded.