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À LA DÉRIVE ! 2024

itinérant - France

From August 1, 2024 to August 31, 2024




Hoist the mainsail, haul in the artimuses and shout it to the four winds: the crew of À La Dérive is heading back to sea!

Adrift ! is a traveling festival by bicycle, cyclo-tracted (equipment transported by bicycle) and pedal-generated (the necessary electricity is produced by pedaling).
For the second time, a small troop will hit the road for a month during the month of August 2024. It will stop at the top of a mountain, near a river or in the center of a village for festive and cultural.

Organized by the Au Gré du Vent association, this traveling festival aims to offer cultural content with conditions of independent diffusion in rural areas.
To do this, the festival hosts a theater show, a concert and a selection of short films broadcast outdoors.

So register your film and prepare your jokes!

The final selection is established by an internal selection committee.

Opening submissions: March 24, 2024
Final deadline: May 24, 2024 Free
Notification of results: June 24, 2024

Preview format:
-Uploaded file (1 stamp)

1) Films completed after: No restriction
2) Maximum duration: 30 minutes
3) Country of production: All
4) Screening format: DNxHD upper than 120, Apple Pro Res 422 HQ, Apple Pro Res 422
5) Accepted genres: All

Other criteria:
6) For all public: The films must not shock a young audience and can be viewed from 7 years old.
7) Subtitles: Films in foreign languages must be accompanied by subtitles in French.