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Good practice
Shortfilmdepot is at the service of right owners and festivals.
Respecting good practices is the norm.

Shortfilmdepot commits to:
- sign a yearly agreement with every festival outlining each other’s obligations
- offer advice and quick assistance to any festival
- never communicate/sell your data to any third party
- take no commission or percentage on entry fees for paying festivals

Any festival commits to:
- publish a set of rules or regulations detailing conditions of participation
- acknowledge reception of submissions and notify all applicants with selection results
- restrict private access to films delivered via Shortfilmdepot exclusively to its team and for the sole purpose of film selection and festival organization , in accordance with festival regulations
- request right owners authorization previously for any other use, in respect with copyrights law and filmmakers rights

I've read the Code of Ethics recommended by the International Short Film Conferenceand I agree with the above provisions.