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Ravenna - Italy

From November 9, 2020 to November 15, 2020


+39 0544 464812


Short films from all nations, either fiction, animation or documentary, completed after 31/12/2017, that explore fantastic cinema in its broadest sense and are addressed to an audience of young viewers aged between 6 and 19 years, highly educational and that effectively encourage both stylistic and thematic renewal of cinema, may participate in International Competitions for Short Films.

The five International Competitions and their five Juries are the Festival’s beating heart.
Each competition will have a Jury: the Visionaries. They will be organized as follows:
Visionaries +6 / Visionaries +9 / Visionaries +12 / Visionaries +16 / Visionaries +18
The International Competition is therefore divided into five categories grouped by age groups. All categories conceive and accept short and feature films, welcoming fiction, animation, documentary and also experimental works, with a greater concentration of shorts, mainly animated, for the Competitions intended for younger students (International Competition +6 and International Competition +9) and, as age increases, longer durations and a greater viariety of genres. Short and feature films are therefore numerically balanced starting from International Competition +12, whereas films of International Competition +16 and International Competition +18 increase in duration and variety, being always attributable to fantastic genre and all its declinations.

Opening submissions: April 27, 2020
Final deadline: July 20, 2020 10 EUR
Deadline: July 31, 2020 10 EUR
Notification of results: September 4, 2020

Preview format:
-Uploaded file (1 stamp)

1) Films completed after: August 2019
2) Maximum duration: 30 minutes
3) Country of production: Any
4) Screening format: DCP. Other formats shall be agreed in advance with the Administration.
5) Accepted genres: Fiction, animation or documentary

Other criteria:
6) Theme: Fantastic, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, mystery, fairy tale, supernatural

If submitters want to specify a specific age group to which their films are addressed among the ones corresponding to the International Competitions, we invite them to let us know directly through the submitting platform or via email at
Please notice: Independently from the film submission made by the director, producer or copyright holder, the final allocation to one of the five categories of the International Competitions will be decided by the Festival Direction.