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CLAP 89 2023

SENS (89) - France

From March 31, 2023 to April 2, 2023

89100 SENS



Organized by Sens-Fiction, CLAP 89 aims to support and promote short movies made by non professional directors, which means that they are not salaried and employed as directors by film, video or TV industries.

Opening submissions: September 1, 2022
Final deadline: September 15, 2022 10 EUR
Deadline: September 17, 2022 10 EUR
Notification of results: January 31, 2023

Preview format:
-Uploaded file (1 stamp)

1) Films completed after: 2022, january 1st
2) Maximum duration: 20 minutes, credits included
3) Country of production: World
4) Screening format: DCP copy (non encrypted without KDM)
5) Accepted genres: All without advertising or commercial films

Selection is open for movies produced after 2022, january 1st.
The movie must be exclusively provided on DVD zone 2 PAL or digital file. The copy will not be returned.
The maximum duration of the movie is 20 minutes, credits included.
A director can submit only one movie to the selection committee this year.
The movies which have been previously submitted to selection comittee can not be submitted again, even if it's a new version.
The movies must be completed in all particulars (mix, editing, calibration...).
Advertising or commercial films are not accepted.
Screening room is equipped with 7.1 surround, laser DCP projection system and 17 meters wide screen.

If your movie is selected for the official competition :
• You must provide a DCP copy (non encrypted without KDM). This file can be sent via Internet (wetransfer, dropbox, etc.) or on any medium of your choice (USB key, data DVD, external hard disk…), the latest preferably.
• DCP format must be flat 1.85 or scope 2.39 exclusively.
• This medium will be returned to you in person during the festival. If necessary, it will be send back to you, at your own expenses, after the festival in april.
• Foreign movies must be clearly subtitled in readable and comprehensible french language.
• French movies must be clearly subtitled in readable and comprehensible english langage where possible.
• The DCP subtitles must be in XML or MXF format, which means that they must not be embedded in the image.
WARNING : SRT files are not compatible.
• « Voice over » translation is not accepted.
• You must compulsorily provide 2 photos from the movie (300 dpi, colour or black and white according to the movie, no poster and no picture of the film crew). These photos can be used on any support.

DCP's will be entirely checked and compiled on the digital projector's hard disk of the screening room. DCP’s will integrate the festival archives and they can be used in the future for school sessions or any other promo sessions with approval of the beneficiaries.